Enterprise Voice over Wi-Fi

Spectralink are world leaders in voice over Wi-Fi, providing employee mobility and enhanced productivity. ICON's years of experience in supplying and helping partners in deploying wireless voice solutions provides us with a great platform to deliver successful solutions.

Work Smart

Spectralink Wi-Fi handsets are designed to withstand the rigors of the toughest workplace environments while providing all the feature functionality required by the mobile workforce. Not only do Spectralink handsets provide excellent voice quality, Superior voice roaming and great durability but they also deliver the applications and information required by this workforce.

Built For Purpose WorkSmart devices

Smartphones have certainly revolutionised the way we work and socialise in today's world and nobody can argue about that. However what we've seen at ICON time and time again is the generic smartphone fail in business environments where voice, cell roaming, battery life and durability matter.

Let's face it voice quality matters in business. If its poor that's how your customers perceive your business and you employees just can't get their jobs done. Spectralink Devices meet this need with core features built in like rugged handsets that take the knocks of everyday use, interchangeable batteries, power saving technology, exceptional speech performance in the toughest of wireless environments, and applications that integrate into business processes.

Spectralink Wi-Fi Overview Brochures