Raemis 2G and 4G Private Cellular

Raemis provides a private mobile network for your business with assured ease. The costs, reliability, security and coverage limitations of public cellular providers make little sense. Raemis provides the convenience of 2G and 4G mobile but in a manner that is tightly integrated in to your business.

How it works

Raemis uses a private frequency spectrum that is compatible with all 2G and 4G mobile phones. When a Raemis SIM is installed into these phones they use the Pico Radio antennas installed into your business site to communicate directly with your onsite phone system such that your mobile will exist as an extension on your phone system, in fact it can be the same extension as the one on your desk.

Why Use Raemis?

Every site is different and competing technology such as DECT and Wi-Fi might be more suitable for some businesses. However there are some unique benefits to Raemis:

  • The coverage range of a Pico Cell is greater than DECT or Wi-FI, meaning fewer antennas will need installing
  • Some sites just can't be cabled to the needs of Wi-Fi or DECT due to coverage limits
  • Variety of handsets for different needs; very low cost, rugged, ATEX, premium etc
  • One device - the use of dual SIM phones means that only one device is needed for on and off site communications