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Adding Value

Value Added Distribution is ICON. Its part of our DNA.

Our approach means our partners have more success and benefit from a long term business relationship.

Adding value is often a small thing that makes a big difference to our partners success and this means everything to us.

Here are some of our core principles that help to make this difference.


We've been in business since 1992 and we understand the value of great people in a business. So when you place your order with us our people will be looking after you and adding value. We'll check your order and ensure you have not forgotten any thing - the last thing you want is your install team turning up on site and finding out a power supply is missing. Most products are also functionally checked, upgraded and even pre-loaded with configurations. Our staff understand what's in the box and actively help partners succeed.

The Right Sale

A product sold well is appreciated by all parties; end customers, our partner's and ourselves. So for us, our account managers are key to adding specialist knowledge to the sales process that help ensure each sale is just right. As a partner of ICON we will help you in all ways possible to achieve the right sale with services like sales product training, customer presentations, product adaptions, solution development and technical surveys.


ICON provide free support to all partners that have been trained and run training courses that won't break the bank. We're all about empowering you as our partner to help your customer. This is backed up with a team of highly skilled dedicated support people who know and understand the products, sometimes better than the manufacturer!


We don't distribute any product. We carefully focus on products that fit within our core skill set of "Communications" and "Wireless". We'll take a core product and surround it with value add-on products that make it ideal for our partners markets. For example want to mount an external radio part on a building corner we've got a bracket built for purpose, a small thing but it makes our partners successful.