ICONs product team bring you Matrix. Matrix is a leading manufacturer of world-class telecom solutions. These versatile, feature-rich and reliable solutions are built with latest hardware and software technologies. Ease-of-use, enhanced productivity and dependable performance are some of the advantages these solutions offer -all at an affordable price level.

In today’s dynamic business environment, the business processes are getting complex raising the need of better availability and improved responsiveness at reduced operational costs. This is true for for both small start ups and large enterprises.

The Matrix PBX range allows companies to experience the benefits of modern technologies alongside legacy networks as well as offering a range of business productivity tools. The solution portfolio boasts a flexible set of advanced features which can adapt with an evolving business.

From the very simple phone system to the enterprise grade advanced telephony requirements, Matrix has it all.

We put more in so you can get more out.

  • Range of IP-PBX for SOHO, SMB and Enterprise
  • VoIP, GSM/3G, ISDN and Analogue Connectivity
  • Built-in GSM/3G Network Integration
  • IP, Digital, Analog and Mobile Extensions
  • Built-in Auto-Attendant and Voice Mail
  • Web-based Remote Management