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Alert, Notify, inform

Our messaging solutions help thousands of people every day. It does not matter what type of system that needs to be connected or where we need to deliver the message we'll have a method of achieving what's required.

Examples to inspire you

  • Connect your nurse call system to your wireless phone helping you to respond without all the bells and whistles.
  • Confirm important transactions by fax without a fax machine and maintain that audit trail.
  • Has that important part failed or temperature been exceeded? Be informed when it matters no matter where you are.
  • Be there when your customer needs you with wireless call buttons
  • Linking fire panels to your wireless device ensures happy guests and customers without the pain of false alarms

Connecting with messages

Organisations deploying messaging solutions come from every sector of the economy and range in size from the small business up to the global enterprise. Some of the messaging solutions available from ICON are:

  • SMS
  • Call point
  • FAX
  • Monitoring and Alerts to user handsets and devices
  • Enterprise Instant Messaging