Reliable Voice Mobility and Applications

Spectralink DECT solutions delivers secure, cost-effective, reliable voice communications.

ICON has been helping partners for over 15 years with thousands of deployed systems our know how helps to deliver what you need.

The value in the ability to speak to someone right away no matter where they might be provides huge business benefits. Spectralink DECT has delivered time and time again. Costs are reduced, efficiency is improved and customer satisfaction is increased.

Transforming Work Place Mobility

Spectralink DECT integrates seamlessly with your existing telephone system and business systems. This means with it will continue to operate no matter which phone system you have today or tomorrow. It also means business systems such as fire panels, nurse call, warden call, PMS, BMS and other systems you have can be linked to your handsets to deliver alerts, messages, 2 way messaging and voice applications.

The Right Handset

The range of handsets provided by Spectralink means you can choose the best handset for your needs and it the environment (rugged, office based, medical grade etc.).

All in all it might seem like a small thing but when you're using these devices day in day out the right handset for the job is vital.

Spectralink DECT Overview Brochures