Support Mission

Our support mission is to ensure that your installations are successful and your customers happy

To achieve this we commit to provide qualifying Channel Partners with:

  1. Unlimited telephone support for their appropiately qualified and experienced engineers
  2. Pre and post sales support from their account manager
  3. Training courses on our portfolio of solutions
  4. Access to our online support knowledge base

In return we require Channel Partners to commit to:

  1. Assign appropriately qualified and experienced engineers to support and maintain solutions
  2. Ensure surveys are completed prior to any radio infrastructure installation
  3. Ensure site installation documentation is maintained so as to assist with the support process


ICON reserve the right to remove support from Channel partners and engineers that are deemed not to have the skills needed to manage the systems and solutions we supply.

If you are unsure that if you have the skills within your organisation to provide this commitment please contact us.


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