DECT Phone Return Request Form

This form allows you submit a REQUEST for a DECT Phone return to ICON support. Upon submission you will get a email copy of the return request for your reference and ICON support will then contact you either with a returns number or with further actions to solve your issue.

Multiple handset return: If you are sending a request for multiple handsets, please fill out a new request form for EACH handset being returned. Entering multiple handset details on one form will cause delays in the returns process.

Your Company Name
Contact Name
Your Telephone #
Your Email Address
  The address below will be used as the return address for the handset
Return Address Line 1
Return Address Line 2
Return City, County
Return Post Code

Do you have HEW

Serial number of product


Batch code


Please describe the issue you have in as much detail as possible. You should include all steps taken to try and resolve this issue.

- Handset Tests and Fees -

The following 4 basic tests are mandatory & must be completed before a phone is returned to ICON. 

A NO FAULT FOUND (NFF) fee or inspection fee of £35 plus return shipping costs plus VAT might be charged by ICON should these test not be completed, suggested remedial action not taken up or if no fault can be found with the handset.

1) Have you swapped the battery with a known to be good battery? **Excludes KIRK4080

2) Have you inspected the phone for damage beyond normal use?

3) If this fault is related to dropped, lost calls, bad audio or no coverage have you taken steps to qualify that it is definitely a handset issue?

4) Have you made reasonable effort and enquiries to confirm that the phone is not water damaged (if the phone is water damaged it usually cannot be repaired and is NOT covered under warranty)?

   - Important -  

If a handset is found to be working normally, has been subjected to use beyond fair wear and tear, or has been subjected to conditions beyond it specification then a NFF will be charged.

If ICON issues a returns number this does not mean we warrant any repair or fault as described by the customer this assessment can only be made once we see and test the item.

For more information please read our returns policy.

I have read the returns policy.

To submit this form to ICON support please press this button once!


**Due to its ATEX rating customers must not attempt to change the battery in a KIRK4080 handset

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