DECT Phone Return Policy

ICON can spend a lot of time and effort investigating faults with handsets often to find that their is no fault or that this fault is not covered as a repairable phone or warranted.

It is our expectation that the dealers completes reasonable tests prior to returning a phone to ICON since:

a) Many faults are not with the handsets but with items such as programming, coverage and call density can only be solved on site.

b) ICON expects all Dealers to provide a testing and diagnostics services to their customers.

c) Our aim is to resolve faults quickly and at the lowest cost to all parties. If the fault can be resolved on site this reduces this cost to all parties and improves the end customer service expirence.

No Fault Found and Inspection Fees

If a handset is returned to ICON and is classed as a No Fault Found (NFF) then the dealer will become liable for this fee plus any other costs that might be appropriate (e.g. return shipping).

A handset might be classed as a NFF under the following scenarios:

(i) It is clear that the basic tests required by icon have not been completed

(ii) The handset has been used in a manner beyond it designed use e.g. physical damaged including any water damage (when it is obvious that this has happened).

(iii) The handset does not have the fault described i.e. it has no fault and cannot be reproduced in a test scenario at ICON.

(iv) The fault is excluded in the KIRK warranty (e.g. batteries)

Inspection Fees might be charged by ICON if:

ICON undertakes time consuming inpection and diagnostics work and the advised repair or replacement is not taken up by the dealer such as a repair or replacement handset.


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