KIRK support issue notification

If you are NOT registered as a DECT certified installer you must provide us with the details of the support issue before you receive telephone support.  Please complete and submit the details below. 

Your details

Your company name
Your name
Your telephone number
Your email address


The equipment

System model

System part number - note

System ARI number - note
Who supplied the equipment

Note : These numbers are on the label on the rear of the CCFP unit.


The installation

Please provide a brief description of the installation
Is this a new or an existing install
Can you provide a copy of the survey document

The problem

Please describe the problem
Describe the tests undertaken to resolve the issue
What was the result of these tests

Submit the form

It is recommended that you print this form for your records.  To submit this form click the button below.

You will receive an email acknowledgement of the information sent.  icon will respond within one working day (24 hours) of receiving this form. 


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