The best of All Worlds

The COBS SMART1 provides the benefits of high quality DECT speech, the critical DATA access you need via Wi-Fi and a robust fit for purpose handset built for industry.

A game Changer

When customers need a robust and easy to use DECT phone with reliable onsite positioning COBS SMART1 is the right choice.

With the SMART1 you can now have a it all, real time location tracking, life critical messaging, superior voice quality and a smartphone built to last. The SMART1 device is a robust purpose built handset which is aimed at industries where messaging and staff protection are critical.

It Has It All

The SMART1 is shockproof, rugged, and includes all the features you would expect. COBS have really thought about what people need in industries where life critical information or staff protection is critical.

  • Top display for displaying alarms and messages without the need to pick up the phone
  • High Definition (HD) Audio provides an enhanced user experience
  • Rubber grip to avoid drops and protect your investment
  • Dedicated Alarm/Emergency button and precise indoor location
  • Push to talk for quick, fast and easy direct communication.